If you wonder what it is like to have sessions with Varun. Below are some client testimonials from around the globe.

Varun has been the answer to my prayers. He created a sacred space designed specifically for me using sacred tools and techniques along with shared wisdom, guiding me, enriching my soul in order to heal wounds, past traumas and negative programming replacing them with love and self-worth. Being a woman coming from many traumas relating to men, Varun helped me to see how I have been loosing my true essence in the process. To be given this deeper insight behind the masculine and feminine energies from a male's perspective is truly divine. He is heaven sent in every sense of the word. God Bless You Varun



Varun is such a pure soul. He put so much love and devotion in everything he does. With him, it's so easy for one to be and to express oneself, as he is always in a relaxed and natural way without inhibitions because he always seeks to know about you and to connect with you from the soul and that is something which reaches the soul.




Every time I had sessions with Varun, it took me to the deepest of my cores and things started to make sense. I left every session feeling heard, empowered and released part of me, which didn't serve me for my highest purpose. In the past, I have had therapy and healing sessions with others but they were not even close to him. His empathy and approach is unlike anything I have experienced before. He is such a gifted soul and really good at what he does. I highly recommend him and feeling so much gratitude for our time together.



I really recommend the experience of crystal healing with Varun. He has a very good energy and I felt a deep state of calm after the session. It's a transformation that happened from inside to outside. It was a very very deep experience that I truly recommend.


(Yoga Teacher, Portugal)

Just a single session with Varun, put everything into perspective. It was like a sigh of relief! I was struggling with my spiritual journey and my past traumas. He made me realize the things which were blocking my path. I got lot of clarity, insights and approval to go ahead with my journey. His level of consciousness and empathy is amazing!



I have been having sessions with Varun and he is helping me with my tumor, which is in my head. His sessions have been very good to me because I am increasing my self-esteem and positivity back with his meditation and breathing exercises. He is an excellent person and wonder human being. He is very good in what he is doing. I am very grateful to meet him.


(Engineer, Portugal)

Sessions with Varun have been truly transforming. I was looking for a natural way to work on my irregular periods and stress. After following his advice, the tools and techniques he shared, gave me a huge relief from stress, period problems, and other menstrual issues due to hormonal disbalances. Pills are not the solution. I truly endorse his sessions and thankful for our journey.



I have no words to express my gratitude towards Varun. He offered me his time, his knowledge, his patience and kindness but most of all... peace. He helped me see things i couldn’t see for myself. He is one of the most kind, loving and compassionate person i haver ever met. I am grateful to have had session with him. Also, I am grateful for his help and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything.