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Meet The Founder

Sol Varun

Varun established Sól Healing Space with the goal of assisting individuals in discovering their true selves. The space provides an authentic blend of healing, therapy, spiritual guidance, and more, all of which aid in reconnecting with mind, body, heart, and soul. Varun is a holistic therapist, empowerment coach, healer and a kundalini yoga and meditation instructor.  He has served clients from diverse backgrounds globally, including Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia, and Canada. His heart-centred approach, uniquely brings out the authenticity of others.

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I believe we all have the capacity to heal, transform and shine as long as we are willing to do the inner work and have the right support, guidance, tools & techniques to do so. Join my unique program, “The Sól Way” as we journey together to your most vibrant self.

What They're Saying...

Coming from a place near the War in Ukraine, I must admit I felt very anxious, depressed and fearful to see innocent people dying and having uncertainty about my own future. But my sessions with Varun helped me enormously. The way he can calm down even the most puzzled monkey mind and can offer you a firm & steady hand like someone you've known your whole life. He truly is a wonderful teacher and insightful old soul. You really can tell he was simply born with the gift and I'm so blessed and humbled by his presence. You know this feeling, like you're somehow not alone just because you know him and are taught by him. He heals perfectly: the body, mind and soul. He adds a special touch to his sessions with his gentle approach to healing, which is unique to him. I truly recommend everyone to feel as I do during my sessions with him.


(Naturopath & Writer, Slovenia)

Mission & Vision

Varun is enthusiastic about his mission to make a positive impact on the world, and he is dedicated to making a difference both on an individual level and on a global scale. He is determined to empower people emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, so that they can overcome any obstacles and create the life they deserve, while also embracing their true selves.